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September 2017

Why do people do the things they do?

Publication Dr. Kerstin Liesenfeld, Chapter 22

The supportive role of fathers for children’s development of the authentic self - A view through PSI-lense.

This chapter will address a critical component for the development of the authentic self, that is, emotion regulation with reference specifically to the supportive role of fathers. Personality Systems Interactions (PSI) theory opens a window for more detailed answers addressing children's needs for individual support by fathers during childhood. In my adult-study, I retrospectively assessed quantity and quality of mother-child and father-child relationships and two different sources of childhood stress: fear of emotional loss and fear of material loss. In addition, I assessed the adult’s ability to self-regulate emotions (i.e., action versus state orientation) and several indicators of self-development and self-growth derived from PSI theory. In my analyses on the relationships between childhood stress and self-development, I focused on the role of supportive father-child interactions. Findings show that the experience of stress itself is not as relevant for the development of the authentic self as the way childhood stress is compensated through adequate emotion regulation and individual support by care givers (here: fathers) during stressful times. The application of PSI theory sheds more light on the supportive role of fathers in self-development and resilience building.

18. May 2017

What moves your mind – 7 sources of successful self-leadership

Presentation at Manager Lounge in Hamburg

Our behavior and our decision-making processes are ruled by subconscious traits in our minds up to 95%. Our brain seems to be a master of adaption. It only transfers the most relevant information to our conscious mind in order to stay action-focussed. What exactly is steering those adaption processes? What is driving you within your own action and decision-making processes? Get to know the 7 sources of personality development. What is ruling your mind and how will you be able to effectively utilize your sources of successful self-leadership?

31. October 2016

Harvard Innovation Lounge

CCC proudly presented itself at the first Innovation Lounge of the 8th annual German-American Conference at Harvard, Boston/Massachusetts.

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11. January 2017

The COLOUREM® Concept for Nurses · Ausgabe 8

Does this sound familiar? - In your day to day life you work yourself to your physical and psychological limits, you feel exhausted and burned out?

PDF: The COLOUREM® Concept for Nurses (german)

1. May 2016

Neurofunctional coaching with the COLOUREM® method · Ausgabe 6

What you did not learn as a child, you should really be able to learn as an adult?

The COLOUREM® Method aims to train self-perception as well as the flexible interaction of different brain systems in order to use different brain functions in various contexts.

PDF: Neurofunctional coaching with the COLOUREM® method (Lebenlang No.6 Mai 2016)

1. August 2014

The five steps to the active promotion of health in the company

GGW - Gossler, Gobert & Wolters Group

Responsible management includes good health management. These are the ways that lead to a healthy work place.

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1. June 2012

Increase motivation, ensure performance – success factor health

GGW - Gossler, Gobert & Wolters Group

For successful and sustained growth, healthy and productive employees are indispensable. With this in mind, companies are increasingly implementing health management.

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1. January 2012

New learning campus for companies

ALWAYS ON - Mediacity

Further training and personnel development tailored to the company: The "Coaching Campus" is a Web-based solution that, for the first time, allows personal and individual coaching at a time and place that suit the customer.

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14. December 2011

Feeling Research

FAZ- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Why highly cognitive thought and sensory functions are important for successful researchers

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