The coaching technique COLOUREM®, developed by Dr. Kerstin Liesenfeld in 2006, is a systemic coaching tool eminently suited to getting to know and use the interaction between four central macro-systems of our own brain functional mode

By using the COLOUREM® Method, it is possible to set personal goals, to learn to divide them up into operationalizable individual steps, to acquire a personal feeling for feasibilities and personal limits in achieving goals and to derive adequate conclusions from setbacks or negative emotions.

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Conscious thought, planning, analyzing and development of action steps, control over intention memory
Intention Memory (IM)
Creative problem solving, finding ideas, processing feedback results, regulation, coordination and action from the overview
Extension Memory (EM)
Detail oriented perception, analyzing and collation of result, failure analysis
Object Recognition System (ORS)
Intuitive programmes, routines, spontaneous realization
Intuitive Behavioral Control System (IBCS)

The COLOUREM® Method is essentially based on three scientific theory models: the Dynamic Skill Theory by Professor Kurt W. Fischer, Harvard University, the Personality System Interaction Theory by Professor Julius Kuhl, Osnabrueck University, and the 8-stage Personality Theory by the former psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, Berkeley and Harvard University. The basis of these established models and current research on the complex functionality of the human brain facilitate determining self-compatible goals, overcoming inner obstacles and expanding the personal radius of action. COLOUREM® aims at training self-perception and autonomously producing a flexible alternation of emotions and being able to utilize it.

Supervision circles related to the COLOUREM® coaching tool are offered for professional coaches and consultants on a yearly basis.

Dynamic Skill
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Personality System Interaction Theory
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The 8-stage
Personality Theory
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Authenticity Mapping

Our AUTHENTICITY MAPPING DIAGNOSTICS® reveal the more profound causes of subtle behaviour, development and communication structures. This can arise through different cognitive and emotional information processing brain systems and the way they are connected. Your individual mapping structure and brain-system-connection can be sustainably addressed via targeted functional interventions.

“Our coaching systems are practical and logical science, applied in a meaningful and targeted way”